Welcome to the 2018 ‘Reviews’ section where I’ll be reviewing a range of different services and products including photography and video equipment, suppliers, wedding albums, products, show reviews and a whole lot more. I'd also welcome anyone of you out there to also review products and services letting me and others know of anything new. 

The 2018 SWPP Convention takes place over the next few days so I'll be paying a visit there and would welcome any comments on your thoughts about this event that has fully established itself as a major show.

I’m generally a positive person, I prefer to look at the positive aspect of most things so if I am critical of anything it’s only my opinion, anyone out there is welcome to agree or disagree.

Nikon and Canon to me are both as good as one another, I use Nikon DSLR for a lot of my work simply because I grew up with it, yet I use mainly Canon for video and the C100 Mark 2 and Canon XC10 are my preferred choice, then again the Nikon D750 also shoots great video.






So please keep an eye on my blog as I prepare to go off to London and meet with some familiar faces.