It’s easy to become stale in the photograpy industry, you get caught up in the same techniqes knowing that your clients are happy with the service you've always provided. But does the day come when it hits you that you've been doing the same thing for years and your competitors are doing something new and more relevant for today's market?

It’s easy to knock the style of others, in particular the work of a younger generation, but stop and think for a moment because it’s important to be aware of whats happening out there in the industry.

When I can, I try and make a conscious effort to look at images trends and styles, not necessarily following them but being aware of them. Eventually a lot these trends creep into to my work. I believe the reason for this is the constant bombardment of social media. More of my customers now see images and get ideas from Pinterest and Instagram.
Fashions, trends, call them what you will but I'm finding the wedding photography industry seems to be rehashing the same style at the moment; vintage, washed out, overexposed, natural etc etc everyones doing it, me included!

When I looked at sample albums at the recent Photography Show and SWPP show I thought most of the images all pretty much looked the same, there was some lovely work but so much of it looked the same.

So how do potential bride and grooms feel when they’re comparing photographers? 

What are they looking for?

What separates your work from other photographers in your town or city?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I've started to look at introducing a few new ideas in amongst what my team and I normally shoot.  I'm trying to move away a little from the natural/reportage style and look at more classic styles particularly when it comes to images of the bride and groom together or individually.

To change styles and ceate new trends we all have to spend time on research by looking at what’s out there and constantly evolve our own styles and tastes.

Eventually I’d like to think the current trend will change and with a year of wedding bookings ahead it gives me the opportunity to gradually introduce new ideas and styles.

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