A very short blog!

For quite some time now I've noticed how 'bidding' sites are increasing in Google listings when searching for something.

If you're not sure what a 'bidding' site is I'm talking about companies such as Bark.com and Bidvine.com where potential customers looking for say a wedding photographer enter their details and budget which is then listed for all photographers to reply to.

As a photographer you're not bidding for the actual job, instead you purchase credits to reply to each job listed. There's no guarantee you'll get the job or even get a reply, so you're money might be wasted. 

It's a fairly easy process to get signed up and started and the more credits you purchase the cheaper they are but I reckon if you allow £5.00 on average for each reply.

I signed up recently but haven't bid for any jobs yet, I haven't purchased any credits but the jobs that have been listed so far are generally low budget which is fine if you're services are inexpensive.

I'd be interested to know if any photographers or videographers are using this site and if it's been worthwhile.