It's been a while since I updated these pages, I had all good intentions of writing regularly when I first started and this blog seemed to be getting a lot of interaction.

Unfortunately...or fortunately the workload got too heavy as it does every year and having taken on another two people to join the team I thought it would make my life a little easier, which I discovered..didn't!

So with a few changes now hopefully in p;ace and the two new guys having settled in I'm hoping to be able to write a little more often which I really enjoy.

So over the last few months I've invested in new equipment including a couple of new Sony cameras, another Lumix, the DJI Inspire 2 Drone and a lot more which I'll begin to review.

I've also been busy with updating my websites. the wedding site can be found at;

The commercial site had been updated and at;

So please come back and I'll be reviewing lots of new products as well as giving my thoughts on Wix websites compared to WordPress.