Choosing a website design that reflects your work and style can often mean trawling through endless template designs only to find hundreds of other websites that look exactly the same. I often look at different websites from photographers around the world and it's pretty easy to identify the ones I would contact if I was looking for a photographer either for commercial work or a wedding. I know what I'm attracted to.

The look and style that is very much in at the moment for wedding websites is the 'pastel, dreamy, vintage, washed-out' type of look, I'm not sure if that's an accurate description but it's a look that many photographers are choosing to brand themselves with. It looks great but do too many look the same to the viewer? What separates your design from your competitor? 

Some photographers use web design agencies to come up with ideas whilst others choose a template and attempt the design themselves or pass it on to a web designer and then there's those who use the very low cost almost free templates that are out there. Whatever method you choose there can be a huge variation in cost. Several years ago I met with a design agency to discuss my website and they were great, very helpful and had a good portfolio but their quote was £7000.00! After I'd picked myself up off the floor I looked at other options so spent months looking at various templates, trying my own designs, working with different colour schemes, at times it was exciting seeing these ideas and other times it was like banging my head against a brick wall. Once I'd decided I worked with a web designer who put it all together for me and explained how I can update the content as and when I need to.

The design I opted for in the end looked great yet 6 months later there seemed to be a whole new theme out there and I was concerned my design was already out of date. My advice is not to necessarily follow trends, just because your competitors websites look similar it doesn't mean yours has to follow along the same lines. 

Finally for now if you specialise in one aspect only such as commercial photography or wedding photography it's much easier to brand yourself and choose a website design that works, however if you offer several services such as commercial, weddings, portraits, fine art, events etc it's a much harder process to find something that works for everything you do.