Would you ever buy a product without seeing what it looked like?

When you go to M&S and buy the 2 for £10 Dine in Deal would you be tempted if it came in a brown paper bag without a phot0?

That brand new car you're thinking of buying, did you get the brochure and excitedly look through the glossy images, did you see the advert on TV or look at the website?

Yet in my career as a professional photographer for over 30 years I still find business owners reluctant to have professional photos taken to advertise their services or product.

It's that old saying of 'if you don't advertise how does anybody know about you or what you do?'

Are you guilty of not using professional photography for your business? Do you think you can do it better yourself?

So here's another thought 'You may sell the best product in the world or off the best service but if it's poorly photographed how will people trust you?'

Look at Apple and the glossy, luscious way they present images of their products, go to the Apple website now and take a look. The products are made to look high-end, glossy and expensive because that's exactly what they are....but they've made them look like they really are.

A useful exercise is for you to look at your own website and compare it with 4-5 of your competitors, who would you buy from, which website looks the most trustworthy, are your competitors using professional photography?

Glossy magazines are full of text and images, look through any advert for a say a watch, aftershave or latest clothing range how much text is there in the ad. How well do you think it's been photographed and ask yourself if your marketing images reflect the quality of what you see in a glossy magazine.

Whist writing this I've been looking at different web pages with my son who is sat next to me working on his drone pilot qualifications. He's looking at different sites researching information and I notice that almost every time he looks at something closely it has an image next to it, he looks to be avoiding anything that's too text heavy.

Finally for now remember to regularly refresh your photography, it's surprising how quickly images will go out of date. Look through your website and either move old images in to an archive page or delete them.

I can guarantee Apple don't have any images of iPhone 3 on their website!