Question 1: Are you a business owner?

Question 2: Does your business have a professionally shot video?

Question 3: Do you know the benefits of having a promotional video?

Commercial Video is currently booming and we can thank social media, DSLR cameras and mobile phone manufacturers for this. Producing video content (good or bad) has never been easier and getting people to watch them for free....what more could we want.

Google plays such a big part of our lives and for every business having a good Google search engine ranking is essential. To help increase your business Goggle ranking websites that include video content increase their chances of jumping up the pages in Google.

But commercial video is so much more important than just helping Google search ranking; here's some facts;

From the success of video in 2017, it is clear to see that video it isn’t going anywhere soon. This type of content is hugely popular and is only going to get bigger.

People expect to see video content and spend 3x as long on websites that includes videos.

83% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment

Almost 50% of web users look for video related to a product or service before visiting a store

We all carry a video viewing device and video camera in our pocket everywhere we go, we can be on holiday, in a meeting, at conference or an exhibition. We're all watching video all of the time.

Customers are far more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

These facts are just scratching the surface, the benefits are endless and the capabilities of what can be achieved with today's technology at affordable budgets is truly remarkable.

Your business may be located at a warehouse and what better way to show the size of the building you operate from than from above, in years gone by it would have involved a helicopter crew as well as a film crew so you can imagine the expense involved. Today one man and his drone can capture it better at prices that are affordable for the smallest of businesses.

Video camera technology has advanced so much that Hollywood blockbuster cinematic style videos are becoming the norm. But it doesn't all have to be 'big budget' style, 'live' videos shot on mobile devices (tablets and phones) is good enough, if it's interesting and informative people will watch it. Where professionally shot film works best though is that it naturally will look so much better and more polished and this will make you and your business look professional and trustworthy.

So we've mentioned Google and Youtube but not Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the absolute essential social media platforms for any business and have you noticed how much they have changed since you started using them?

At first it was just a simple case of posting text, then hey presto you could add photos, now it's Video. Posts that include a still image out perform posts that are text only. Now video is taking over and my wife is constantly showing me videos of pets on Facebook and the funny things they do, but she'll also show me a video that's been posted of something I'm interested in buying and most recently that's been a set of boxes I need to tidy up my garage and architects showing their work on kitchen extensions as I've been told that's what we need!

In both cases I've contacted someone where I saw a video first. It looked more professional, made me trust the companies more and gave me confidence in the quality of what I'm thinking of buying.

So if your business hasn't dipped it's toes in the water then feel free to get in touch and talk it through.