A lot of my colleagues were using the Nikon D750 when it first came out and when I got my hands on it was the best DSLR camera I'd used since my trusty Nikon D3, my first proper digital camera.

For years I'd shot film using Hasselblad, Bronica, Mamiya and Toyo medium and large format cameras so making the move to digital was a tough and gradual one. After trying various DSLR's the Nikon D3 changed it all, it was a truly brilliant camera and had dual card slots so it was set up for backing up every shot on two memory cards.



Once I'd exhausted the D3 shutter life I 'upgraded' to the D4s which I hated. Apart from the playback screen which was fast I found the camera slow and the rubber thumb grip never sat flush on to the camera body. It was Nikon's flagship model and everyone rated it highly and I'm still convinced I'd bought something faulty.  A couple of colleagues of mine had bought the D750 and I was impressed as to how quick it was, the quality of the images and I gradually got used to the movable back screen realising that being able to tilt it up had it's advantages (hey I'm getting older so getting down on the floor is best avoided!).

The D750 with it's grip didn't feel as well built as the D4s but I went ahead and traded the D4s for a D750 which surprised a lot of people but it was the best thing I could have done. The way I look at it is that I generally change my cameras every 2-3 years and as the D750 was released later than the D4 range it was using newer technology.

Two years on I continue to use the D750 for weddings and general photography and then more high end equipment for advertising shoots, but if you're looking for a truly great DSLR and can afford approximately £2000.00 I can assure you the D750 will be one of your best purchases. The Nikon kit comes with an excellent lens.

What next for me and Nikon? I've avoided the D5 range, the D810 is rated very highly but I think I'll be okay with my two D750 bodies until 2019, that's until I get to the Photography Show at NEC in March!  https://www.photographyshow.com/