Here's a useful bit of information from the National Statistics Office regarding marriages in the UK;

“The number of marriages of opposite sex couples increased by 2.7% in 2014, but this followed a drop of 8.6% in 2013. Marriage rates for opposite sex couples remain below the levels recorded between 2010 and 2012. Following the introduction of marriages of same sex couples in March 2014, 1 in 46 marriages that year were between same sex couples. Men and women marrying same sex partners, were on average, around 2 years older than those marrying opposite sex partners.”

So where does that leave wedding photographers?

Statistics show marriage numbers have been falling year on year but the number of wedding photographers is growing so it's getting harder to sustain a career, unless you're fortunate enough to be busy with plenty of other work. If you're one of those photographers who attends wedding shows you'll know that our category is always the first one to fill and in many cases it's difficult to exhibit at any local shows as they are always booked, so you end up travelling much further from home to somewhere we'll you'll probably never get any work.

Social media experts will tell you the importance of an online strategy and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are incredibly powerful tools to market yourself as long as it's done correctly. Random Facebook posts telling everyone how busy you are won't sell your services. So where and how can we advertise our services as wedding photographers?

If you're new to the industry or thinking about it as a career and investing in camera equipment, sample products and social media it's worth asking yourself if the work really is out there?  

You'll have more than likely visited other wedding shows for research and seen other photographers exhibiting thinking this is a booming industry, particularly with the number of wedding shows that take place. It is a busy industry, people are getting married but the slice of the pie is getting smaller for photographers. One thing I have noticed where I exhibit is the new photographers coming in, they exhibit once and I never see them again. Why is that?