If you're a photographer in 2018, you're probably very familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud service and the programs that come with it. The latest edition of Photoshop being Photoshop CC 2018.

One of the best things about being a subscriber to the Creative Cloud is that you always get the latest updates for Photoshop on release. No more shelling out hundreds for the latest copy that you buy outright or "acquire" through other means (hey we all did it!).

Layers, live adjustment previews, seemingly unlimited undo attempts, masks and all those other great features of Photoshop really are all second nature to us these days. They barely scratch the surface of what some of you probably use Photoshop for. Can you imagine then, a time where none of that existed?

Roll in Photoshop One.

That's right, Photoshop One had none of these features...or at the very least featured them in their very early stages. 

For example, you could undo an adjustment. Just the one. How many of us take a number of steps backward when things go a little bit pear-shaped?

How about no live preview?

It's tough to imagine making levels adjustments and not getting that instant feedback on the adjustment you're making. But that's exactly what Photoshop One was like. You could click the preview button to render your adjustment and move forward from there. If you think this sounds amusing, well it's even better to watch. A few years ago in celebration of Photoshops 25 year anniversary, Creative Live asked 8 professionals to film themselves using Photoshop One and the end result is this brilliant video.

It's all very well finding the humour in Photoshop One's lack of features. But there is an important lesson tucked away in here somewhere, and that is to make sure you do actually update your Photoshop, and what's more, check what new features the updates bring. Every now and then we hear of Photographers and editors using very dated Photoshop software. It's true that you may find your version does everything you need perfectly fine, however, you may be missing out on features that will not only improve your quality of work but actually save you hours of work in post-production. 

The brave souls that worked with Photoshop One probably became very used to the way it worked. Imagine if they'd never decided to upgrade and were still left with (by today's standards) a bare-bones version of Photoshop, that could become you if you leave it too long. You may not discover heaps of new features every time you update, but you may find that one feature that will transform the way your work and that can be worth its weight in gold. 

Thanks to Robert Boud for writing this guest article; robboudretouching if you'd like to contribute any type of useful article feel free to email me at info@abraxasphoto.co.uk