I paid a visit to the  mediaproductionshow at Olympia a couple of weeks ago and came across a new product; the Lacie dji-copilot which has recently just been launched but not yet on sale. I've been eager to try/buy one but although it's listed on www.wexphotovideo, Amazon and plenty of other dealers there seems to be actual release date.

LaCie dji Copilot


The guys on the www.lacie.com stand spent a lot of time with me showing and explaining how the product worked, although they couldn't do a full demo as it didn't seem to be linking to a phone, aside from that I had a good look at this new product which could be absolutely ideal for my needs.

Simply put, the Copilot is a small portable drive that offloads files directly from SD and Micro SD cards, so while you're out shooting you can be downloading your cards immediately without the need of a laptop. Simply pop your memory cards in the slots and they'll download.

Taken from the official brochure the spec is listed as;

Copiliot by LaCie


For me this could be really good, when I'm out on either a video or photo shoot it's usually a case of getting back to the office to download everything on a couple of drives and then I also back everything up on storage drives I keep at home; this can be pretty time consuming though.

Weddings in particular take up considerable time particularly when we are shooting both photos and video. Our video files are so large they could add up to 250gb! That includes footage from a Canon C100, Panason Lumix GH5, Nikon D750, DJI drone and also 3 Tascams. On top of that we then have the photography cards to download but with the drive being 2TB it's an ideal size.

This new unit would/could/hopefully save me time as I see myself downloading cards before leaving the venue or on my way home in the car. If I don't have time to do that then when I get back home after a wedding I can make a tea, put the TV on and simply download the cards there and then rather than having to put the computer on etc etc.  Images can be viewed and sorted on your phone but I doubt if I'd start doing that as I'd be nervous about damaging or losing files. For me I would simply shoot, download the cards on the Copilot and then copy the files from there on to my PC.

LaCie are well known for their rugged portable drives with ample protection, however when reading some online reviews the downside to this product is that it's not SSD, in other words it has moving parts inside and can therefore be prone to errors eventually.

I'm not known for looking after my equipment, I keep bags and equipment neat and tidy but when out on an actual job I'm not very precious with how I handle things, when you're in a rush you just need to get on with the job in hand.

I'd love to get my hands on this but will have to wait for reviews before I actually purchase one. Pricing seems to be around the £350.00 mark.