Finally received the DJI Copilot a couple of days ago; dji-copilot/  I first came across this product at the stand a few months ago at the Media Show at Olympia where the rep spent a lot of time explaining this new portable drive.

What makes this portable drive different to others is that you can insert SD and Micro SD cards and download files immediately and then transfer them to your computer ready for editing. It's perfect when you're on location.

For me it will hopefully make life easier on all shoots as my team covers photography, video and drone filming so a single job may incorporate several memory cards. I'm a little paranoid with memory cards at the end of any job, be it commercial or a wedding. If I work late and go home at the end of the day rather than the office I always download the shoot on a PC I keep at home and then download again at the office the following day.  This can take considerable time, particularly when shooting a wedding as we have cards from 3-4 different video cameras, a drone and then cards from two a lot of video footage and still images to download and this can take a while to do and it's no fun starting after a 15 hour wedding day.

I don't use a laptop so downloading on one isn't an option that would work for me.

Enter the DJI Copilot, now I can insert memory cards whilst on the job, on my way back to the office in the car or if I go straight home late at night I can relax, grab a tea or beer, sit in front of the TV and simply download all the cards and then transfer them all in one go on to the PC/Mac at the office and home.

So I've had this for a couple of days and given it quite a bit of use, the cards download quickly and open up easily when connecting to both PC and Mac. The drive is 2TB, which is perfect for my needs as it's more than enough for most jobs we do. So I can probably download and leave a number of jobs stored before having to delete anything.

Another attractive feature is being able to connect directly to my phone and access and view both still images and video files which play back perfectly, bear in mind a lot of the video files are shot on a Canon C100 MK2 in C-Log, so the files are pretty large.

However I didn't by this to access files on my phone, there's no point. I simply need to download memory cards and then transfer them to a PC or Mac and it does it really well.

There is however a down side, the actual display isn't touch screen, instead there is an 'Action' button which you press for everything; On, Off, Copy, Refresh etc; but it's not very responsive. I really don't know how to turn it off!  I press the button a few times, or hold it down and until it eventually gives me the option to turn it off. I really think in this day and age this could have been so much better as it's so obvious. When copying files there should be a touchscreen menu that gives you this option, but again you have to press the Action button a few times to access it.

Unless I'm using it incorrectly this is a major flaw in thew design...but... I still love it! It's perfectly made, feels like a quality product and will save me an awful lot of time when downloading several memory cards.

I read a few reviews before the product was released and the main point is that it's not an SSD drive, I'm sure in time it will be and will also be touch screen. I don't usually buy the first version of a new product but felt this one would be useful. Prices online vary greatly and I was fortunate to receive a discount email from who I've never used before offering a discount on all Lacie products so I ended up paying £286.00 whereas I was expecting to spend £329.00 from wexphotovideo

I remember a similar product years ago form Jobo, I'm not sure if it exists, but if you like the idea of backing up cards directly on to a portable drive then this is a great start. 


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