A lot of photographers and videographers are now using drones and it's recently become an essential part of my business. Prior to being legally qualified for commercial purposes we outsourced the work to another company who had a lot of experience, a lot of equipment, the know how of how to tackle big jobs and most of all they were legally able to fly for commercial purposes.

The process to become qualified can be a matter of weeks; it simply depends on how much time you dedicate to it, there is however a cost and after the initial outlay (approx £1000.00) there are ongoing charges that have to be paid at each stage of the qualification process. In total it probably cost us nearer £2000.00.

It may sound tempting to become registered to fly legally but the cost of purchasing reliable drones also needs to be considered. Sure you can buy plenty of drones for under £1000.00 and they do an amazing job, but if you're looking to become really busy and attract the right sort of clients you need to invest considerably more. Consider also the cost of insurance, spare batteries, a spare drone, health and safety equipment and so on, it's a big out lay.

If you're looking to become qualified then good luck to you, if you're not legally qualified don't be tempted to fly for commercial purposes, it just isn't worth the risk, particularly at weddings. If you're not legally covered you really could feel the full force of the law. There's no need to take the risk; it's better for you to find a qualified operator who can fly at a discounted rate for you and your clients.

There's an awful lot of qualified operators out there, my business is based in Bedfordshire so if you're looking for someone please get in touch. I'd also be happy to hear from other qualified and experienced drone operators who can also offer their services.