A new year is always a time to reflect and look to the future, what will the new year bring, will business increase, stay the same or even take a dip? If only we all knew!

There's plenty of things we can all do to help create more work so here's a few main points perhaps worth considering;

We all know we should be doing more social media but the key to successful social media is sustaining what you do. There's little point in posting random messages every so often as it can make you look lazy and inactive as a business. Work hard and take a few minutes per week or day and force yourself to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Don't spend hours on social media looking at other photographers and what they do as it can be demoralising in some cases. I personally hate social media, I don't have the need to share my holidays, nights out, what I'm having for lunch or wishing my wife Happy Birthday to people who 'like' me. But I have to use social media for business and from that point of view I try to embrace it and learn from it.

I don't have any social media apps on my phone but I do take a few minutes most days in the office to update and refresh content. 

Visit trade shows, checkout new products ;

Looking at new equipment and sample products can be incredibly inspiring as you look to refresh for the new ahead. It's easy to come away from a show with a head full of ideas that you never actually put in to practise so keep it realistic, don't think you're going to invest in hundreds or thousands of pounds when you can't really afford it.

You may see new albums and other add on products but you may not need to change what you already have, if you've become bored with your product range remember that you're probably the only one that's bored with them as you seem them all the time. Your existing customers and potential customers don't. If however your products are damaged or look old and tired then change them immediately!

It's easy to become stale, you get to a point where everything is going well and your clients are happy but you suddenly come across someone else's work and your own work looks old and out of date. So learn something new,

Put new techniques in to practice, look at online tutorials and perhaps other photographers work; YouTube is full of them https://www.youtube.com

There's nothing wrong at looking at other photographers work, every art form is there to be pushed to the next level, use ideas from others and develop something new. I visited the SWPP Trade Show  a few days ago and had a look at some of the award winning images and tried to figure out how some of them had been taken, what technique had been used and why and how some of them were just so damn good!! The SWPP has a page on their website showing some of their members work; http://swpp.co.uk/image_exhibition/

Keep up to date with editing software, if you use Photoshop and Lightroom try and upgrade to the latest versions and see what's new.

If you have the time Practice,

Take photos for your own enjoyment. Sometimes it's easy to forget why you're in this industry.

Cut down the amount of time you spend editing, do you really need to spend so much time retouching or editing your work? Ask yourself if your clients would be happy with uncorrected or first edit proofs.

Put of all of the above in to practice, they're all realistic and you'll see your business improve, I've always believed that working hard pays off.  First task....look through your website and make sure it's up to date as that's one of my tasks this week; www.abraxascommercialphotography.co.uk