I've purchased a fair few memory card readers over the years to download, CF, SD, MicroSD and XQD (Nikon D4s ) cards and I'm not sure if it's me but I've never had one that's lasted more than a year....they just seem to...stop!

My last purchase was one from www.wexphotovideo made by Prospec Imaging, it's lasted a matter of months and is no longer recognised by any Mac or PC...and they recommended it to me.

I've never connected any camera directly to download as I don't want to risk anything going wrong with the camera, I'm sure it won't but it's just my thinking. 

The best one I've had I would say was by lexar, I bought two, one to keep at the office and another one in a satchel I carry around, the one in the office lasted up to a year as the springs in the protective casing went, the actual reader was still fine but the whole thing just came apart. 

I do look after things as carefully as I can although I'm not overly precious with them, I handle them all the time as they're a working tool and understand they won't last for ever.

So now I'm looking yet again online for the best card reader, something that's super fast, reliable and will last....I'm leaning towards another one by Lexar but really don't know what's going to be best.