So this is the latest product from Sim Imaging launching January 2018; The Classic Box with USB Key & 6x4 prints" which describes it pretty accurately. It's a box that holds a USB drive together with a depth to hold 100x 6x4 prints (these are priced separately).


If you're looking for detailed technical specs on the material and how it's made I'd suggest contacting Sim direct and they'll be happy to help. My review on this product is simply based on how it works for my business and clients. In other words Do I like it? Is it right for my clients? Is it made well? Will it last? etc etc.

The box measures 9 inches wide (hey we're photographers and we still refer to sizes in inches!) x 1.5 inches high and has a magnetic open/close flip function at the front, the range is currently available in Black, White and Kraft as shown in this article. Through the Sim software there are various text designs and the samples I have are what I'd call 'very cool and now' and  look classy yet informal at the same time.

The boxes feel strong as the material has depth, so with general use the corners shouldn't look shabby after a period of time. The magnet open/close flip feels firm closing flat and when opened holds a stack of 6x4 prints on the left and a USB on the right held underneath a band to hold it in place and avoid it rattling around. The USB sits on a smaller box that can pulled out so there's room to put in a couple of others if required. Whilst other manufacturers have produced similar products it's the style and feel that works for me with this one.

The USB itself looks great, it has a clear glass finish with text that matches the design on the box, so it all matches as a theme. There's a heavy silver lid on the USB that pulls off, the weight of the main part of the USB as well as the lid are substantial making it feel a premium product. I'm not sure if Sim have different options on the USB style (they probably have) but there's no reason to change the one I have here.

Something I haven't checked with Sim is the capacity of the USB but I'm guessing they do a choice of 8gb / 16gb as standard so it's worth asking them.

The left hand side of the box takes a set of 100 6x4 prints so when ordering this product it's best to use their own print lab  as they provide an excellent service (I'll be reviewing the lab in another article).

 If I was to introduce this in my product range I see it being useful for a variety of shoots including weddings, family portrait sittings and baby shoots. They could even be useful for commercial clients in some cases.

For the wedding client there's a number of ways it can be sold and I see it as a possible alternative to a parent album or general gift to parents and other guests. It can also be used as part of a USB only package, so if a bride and groom aren't purchasing an album from their photographer and just the digital files this is one way of making the package a more attractive option for them. They'll certainly feel like they're getting more for their money particularly if you include 100 professionally printed images inside. These prints may encourage them to come back to you for additional copies and enlargements.

 One final note, even if you don't add it to your product range or find it doesn't sell it's still a great addition to show off at wedding shows or couples that come in to see you. By offering your clients a wide product range they'll hopefully be convinced to make that all important booking with you! Because that's what it's all about.

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