I'm a bit of a gadget geek, I love looking at new products and seeing if they'll work for my team and I. By 'working for me' I mean will they improve on what we already have and will it make the job easier?

For a lot of our video jobs my team use Canon C100 Mark 2 camera, www.canon  it's a large, solid camera that requires well built tripods and monopods.

For some years we've been using Manfrotto monopods as they are well built, light and reliable (that's a future review), but at the recent SWPP trade show in London I came across a company called Intro 2020 www.sirui and the Sirui range of monopods. 

The one that caught my eye was the P-324Sr Photo/Video Monopod and in particular the solidity of the main section and large feet, it looked strong enough to stand on the floor without being held with the Canon C100 mounted on top. 


The problem with a lot of video jobs is when you want to move around easily but still get good static shots a tripod can be too cumbersome to handle so a monopod is the next best thing, however they can also be back breaking and occasionally you need to just let go of the monopod even just to stretch your arms or change your posture. 

So this new Sirui monopod looked to be the perfect product although they didn't have the right head on display at the trade show.

Without trying it I decided to purchase it and as the staff on the day were very helpful and recommended the right head that would hold a camera as large as the C100.

It took a couple of weeks to arrive as the actual monopod was out of stock but I received it this week and will be using it properly for the first time this weekend. I have however had a little initial play with it and it seems to be just what I need.

The extension comes up pretty high to and everything looks easy to use; the controls all feel solid and it's certainly an upgrade from the Manfrotto units we've been using for a few years.


The only thing I have to get used to and was better on the Manfrotto monopods is the actual extending of the leg. With the Manfrotto they have simple clips that you pull out and push in whereas with the Sirui you have to turn the pole lock sections (blue bits shown in image) to loosen and tighten which I don't really like. It takes longer than the simple open/close units.

The main thing for me is that the Canon C100 when mounted on to the monopod feels sturdy and I can let go of the monopod and leave it standing like a tripod even though I would have my hand next to it incase it did topple over...remember it's not a tripod.

It will be easier on my back and I won't have to carry and set up a tripod in a lot situations.

The separate tripod head is the VH - 15, it's a heavy duty unit;

Specs LxWxH
402 x 171 122mm


Load Weight:

Counterbalanced Weight:

Beautifully made and very fluid everything seems lock and move effortlessly and the arm adjusts in length which is really useful.

The staff at Intro 2020 couldn't have been any more helpful than they were; the service was efficient and everything delivered on time.

It will be interesting to see how my team and I get on with this monopod and time will tell if it was worth £431.99.