's time consuming! So it's been a busy period since the last post but I'll try and get one post up a week, in particular I'll be reviewing a number of different products I've purchased this year. It's been a mix of photography, video and drone equipment as well as a new 'monster spec' PC I had to purchase a couple of months ago that blows the socks off the Mac I also have...but that's another blog!

So this one is my review on the Sony ICD-TX50 Digital Dictation Machine...or simply put, a recording device to pick up crystal clear sound of speeches, interviews and wedding vows for video.  voice-recorder-products

I purchased two and received them this week and have been testing them in the office and at just under £80.00 they look to be a good purchase although the real test will be when they're being used at a couple of weddings this weekend.

I have three other voice recorders, a Tascam and two Zoom H1's all with lapel mics. The Tascam is excellent, www.tascam the quality is crystal clear so no complaints there. The Zoom H1's aren't so good, the sound can be inconsistent and they feel a bit plasticy and light weight. I still think it's a good product and worth looking and may be right for you; zoom-h1-handy-recorder 

One of the problems with wedding video is getting good audio of the ceremony, the method we use is to put a small lapel mic on the groom with the Tascam in the inside jacket pocket, this generally also picks up the registrar and bride. However you never know how loud the bride in particular will speak, we're not too bothered about the registrar as we usually edit most of their voices out.

So the bride and groom vows aren't really too much of an issue for us, we do however struggle with any readings as it usually involves putting a Zoom H1 somewhere on a table to pick up the audio, so it can be hit and miss. Occasionally in a church we can plug directly in to the PA system but that's on rare occasions. It's the same situation  during the wedding speeches when the speakers are talking in to a mic, occasionally we can plug in to the live feed unit but in most cases it's not possible. Also a lot of people don;t know how to use a mic, so they hold it too low, too close etc etc.

The answer we're hoping to these issues will be solved by these new Sony machines. To break it down we'll be doing the following if we can't plug directly in to a console;

  1. Tascam with lapel mic on groom during ceremony to capture vows.
  2. The Sony mics can be attached to the readers during the ceremony, even on women's dresses. They have a clip and no wires which is a god send.
  3. Instead of putting a mic on each speaker (Tascam and Zoom H1's with lapel mics) we're going to continue to mic the groom in the same way with the Tascam but use the new Sony recorders on the other speakers.  

So this weekend will be the real test, hopefully these Sony machines will be a quick, efficient, wireless and neat method to record crystal clear digital audio.