At a wedding my team and I shot last week the bride met us at the door of her parents house and said 'Wow! You all look so smart", there were four of us, two photographers and two videographers.

That instant first impression on the day was made and from that moment on we were treated as professionals on the day, the fact we were wearing suit and tie was also mentioned at the same wedding by a couple of bridesmaids as well. I personally feel very strongly about dressing smart to a's a wedding!!!!! So why do so many others in my industry feel it's ok to wear jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, trainers, branded tops? Is it because we think we look more artistic? Is it because we find suits uncomfortable and can't work in them?

When I dress smart I feel better about myself, I feel more professional....I feel more my suit uncomfortable? No, because it's a suit made for working in, in fact it's a heck a lot more comfortable than a pair of jeans. Put it this way, if you can't work in a suit you're wearing the wrong one.

I appreciate the 'Vintage' look is very in at weddings and everyone these days wants o have an 'informally relaxed' wedding day, but do you see the majority of guests dressed as badly as some photographers? 

Wearing 3-4 cameras along with pockets full of keys, lenses and batteries makes you look a mess, and when you look a mess you're also more likely to make silly mistakes. I've seen endless articles on line with photos of badly dressed wedding photographers, I can't put them on here as you can see the faces so that wouldn't be fair on those individuals.

It's also worth remembering that you never know who you're going to meet at a wedding, a potential bride, the parents of a potential bride and groom may be? Their first impression will be based on how you look, they may look at your appearance from a distance and think you look a bloody mess or how incredibly smart you look. Putting aside photographic ability here, I'm saying to all photographers an videographers out there to smarten up and lets raise the respect of what we all do because it's a hard and high pressure job shooting a wedding.

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