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I came across the above the other day which really did make me think. I have always been a strong advocate of moving with the times, embracing new technology and taking on new ways of doing things, but sometimes, just sometimes the old ways are still the best.

Having worked for a few different portrait studios during my career, I noticed all of them approached digital products with caution, believing that selling digital files instead of bespoke pieces for the wall would dilute their brand. I never agreed with this viewpoint, ‘digital is the way forward’ I’d say, ‘this is how people view their photos, on their tablets and phones etc, so why not give the clients what they want, and besides, selling digital images is cheaper than building frames’. I now have a different view on this, one that now shares the concerns of my previous employers.

There is something missing with a digital product, in the same way you are missing out on album artwork when you download or stream music. As a client, you can’t hang a USB or a CD on the wall, and will you ever get around to getting them printed? Even if you do, it’ll be no where near to the quality that your photographer who uses a professional lab can produce (we don’t get them printed on the high street). No, more than likely that USB or CD will end up in a draw somewhere and will eventually be forgotten about.

“Now, hold on!” I hear you say “what happened to moving with the times? Digital files can be used with digital photo frames, can be shared on tablets and that photo of me would make one hell of a profile picture!!” All valid points, but wouldn’t it be nice for once, to look at an image that isn’t on a screen? None of these things replace a wall piece which gets viewed and enjoyed everyday and becomes part of your living space, which in my opinion makes it better value for money than something that remains in a draw or in the ether of the internet.

Thanks to Mark Densum for this guest article;

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