For my team the 'wedding season' started at the beginning of February, having been established for over 24 years I'm fortunate that these years bring in a considerable amount of recommendations continually keeping my team and I busy throughout most of the year. Of course it's much harder to have a diary crammed full with bookings for new businesses but persevere and it will pay off.

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For most photographers the wedding season will kick off fairly soon, so you need to be ready, you need the right equipment in the best condition. I'm not going to list what equipment you should have here as we all work very differently, some of us carry three cameras around on a wedding day fully armed with different lenses, bags, lights and so on. Personally I 'travel light', I have plenty of equipment in the car on the day but working it's just me, one camera, one lens and a flash. I don't even have a bag; I start with full batteries and memory cards and only in an emergency would I need to go back to the car to get something.

Camera lenses for wedding photographers Do you really need all of these?

Depending on how much use your camera gets and how much work you've got actually booked it can be beneficial to get it serviced and cleaned once a year, check the number of actuations your camera has undertaken (the number of shots) by shooting a jpeg image and uploading it to one of several sites you find easily on Google; you'll then find out exactly how much your camera has been used;  camerashuttercount

Camera servicing for photographers

Naturally have a very good spare and make sure that spare camera is occasionally used so you know it's always ready to go and capable of doing the job. Flashgun, batteries and memory cards; make sure you're well stocked. 

So what else apart from your equipment can you prepare? Have  look at new images, new styles, do some research, buy some wedding magazines and look at how you can start introducing new styles in to your own work. It will keep you motivated and inspired.Finally for now and it's something that is often overlooked; look at your processing equipment; by that I mean your computer, is it up to date?

Computers for photographers

Is the editing software you use fairly well up to date or are you still using Photoshop 4? Try and have the best computer you can afford with the highest spec possible, if you can afford the latest Photoshop/Lightroom CC versions for your editing everything should be much quicker and more efficient.

It doesn't all come down to what you can afford; whatever equipment or software you have just make sure it's well maintained and that you're using it properly. Look at new ways of improving your workflow (your editing process), speak to your album suppliers and keep up to date with the options that you can offer your customers. 

If you're well prepared you're far less likely to encounter any problems and if you do, you'll probably find any issues won't really be that major.