This is a really difficult question as there really is no right or wrong answer, Should you display your wedding package prices on your website? 

I would think if you ask any number of photographers this question they wouldn't be able to give you a definitive answer because nobody really know what works best.

Over the years I've spoken to several marketing experts and website designers about this and I would say most website designers tend to say prices should be displayed whilst marketing people usually say it's best not to have them on your website.

So lets break it down and please remember this is purely my view and I really don't know what the right answer is.  I would think there's a lot of other 'for's and against's' I haven't thought of that could be added what I've written here.

So lets start with my reasons for showing my package prices on my website;

I usually try and put myself in the position of a 'potential buyer' and in most cases when I personally look to buy something online I'm keen on seeing prices straightaway, or at least a guide of some sort so that I know if it falls within my budget. If I really like what I see but the price is out of my range I would still be inclined to contact the company and talk it through. Whatever it is that I want to buy may be worth paying more than I'd prefer to.

If your prices are displayed I think you generally keep customers on your site more as they look through your website in more detail, even if it is a little out of their price range. 

Eliminate time wasters, if someone contacts me to make an appointment I know they have looked at the website and prices; so when they come in to the office there aren't any nasty surprises or awkwardness because they already have an idea of what' it's going to cost. I also never feel awkward going through prices.

Be customer focussed, I believe in giving the customer a great experience from the moment they first visit the website, some people may or may not like my business website but that's down to personal taste, but I do believe in giving as much information as possible as it helps build trust and by displaying prices it shows you're not trying to hide anything.

When I get calls or meet with a couple most of them tell me they have already looked at the packages and were perhaps looking at one package in particular and that they just want it explained more. Without even asking or probing I know a rough idea of how much they're willing to spend. This is good for me but it's also fair on the customer and this makes everyone feel comfortable as I'm working around their budget.

So lets look at the reasons for not displaying prices; again there is no right or wrong answer.

Let's be honest, we all look at our competitors websites, it is after all the right thing to do as you should have some idea of your competition regardless of which industry you're in, we all do it. At this stage you shouldn't look to copy what your competitors it can be glaringly obvious, remember we are supposed to be in the 'creative industry' so come up with your own ideas. So if your competitors are displaying their prices it doesn't mean you should, you have to do whats right for you and that decision has to be from research and speaking to others such as marketing experts and web designers.

Rather than hiding your prices from potential clients are you hiding your prices from your competitors? If you're confident in what you do and your packages are fairly priced and offer good value why not show them? Even if your prices are very low or extremely high believe in what you do and let others worry about their own business.

There's a belief that not showing your prices will make people contact you and once they've made contact you then have the opportunity to 'sell' and show what you do. This is based on the thinking that if the customer hasn't asked how much you charge before coming to actually see you they aren't 'price focussed' so they're viewed as a potentially high spending customer.

Another reason why prices aren't displayed is that some photographers offer 'bespoke' packages to attract customers so prices are specifically designed for the customers' needs; 

One thing I'm seeing more regularly which partly proves the point that we don't know the right answer is photographers listing their packages but not putting a price, just POA (Price on acquisition). I've never done this so it would be interesting to see if it works for others. Personally I find it frustrating when reading a 'price list' but it doesn't actually show the price 

Now although I do display my prices online I still get people asking how much we charge, either they haven't looked at the website closely, they're simply emailing a lot of photographers asking the same question and can't be bothered to look at the website or they just want clarification.

To finish off for now we are all so much busier than ever before, we're filling our time by working longer hours, taking the kids to endless after school classes and socialising more, so time is precious. So when we look at websites we expect to get as much information as possible to save us time...does this answer the question? I really don't know!