Wedding photographers come and go and generally don't stay in the industry too long as they only realise how difficult the job really is.

There is a type of marketing where photographers say how they absolutely love shooting weddings and if you're one of those people then I congratulate you because after 30 years of shooting weddings I'd love to know your secret!

Weddings are hard work and as wedding photographers we open ourselves up to criticism as everyone has an opinion on what a good photo is.

I look at wedding photography as a 'responsibility' by that I mean we have a responsibility of having to get it right first time, there are no second chances and regardless of where you are, when it is, what it is you're actually shooting you have to get it absolutely right. Miss that one picture of the bride with her Nan and it's a disaster for some people because that one shot you missed was inevitably the most important shot for the bride.

The upside of wedding photography though is that it can be extremely rewarding, you see it when couples look at their wedding photos and fall in love with them, but doing this once every so often isn't good enough. Every wedding you shoot has to create that same feeling and that only comes through hard work.

If you're thinking of becoming a wedding photographer you really can't do it successfully if you attempt a family or friend wedding first and then shoot only one or two a year. You have to do them over and over and over again because every wedding is different, every wedding has it's own theme and requirements and you have to adapt regardless.

From a Bride and Groom’s point of view unless they already know and see a photographer working at a wedding they don’t really know what they’re getting until the wedding day itself. In a lot of cases photogrpahers can be disorganised, unprofessional and unable to take control of the day and guests and the whole experience can be disatrous for the wedidng day.

The most experienced photographers can take control of the day coping with adverse weather conditions, unrealistic expectations of the couple, awkward guests whilst making sure everything is done on time and all with a smile!

So as a Bride and Groom how do you look for the right wedding photographer, how do you know that you’re going to get a photographer who will get it right on your day?

There’s no right answer unfortunately, it’s not something that most people have done before so here’s 10 points to consider;


  1. Don’t shop on price alone
  2. Use a full time professional
  3. Use a reputable company established for at least 5 years
  4. Ask to see full weddings and not samples of several weddings
  5. Check that your photographer regularly photographs weddings (at least 25 per year)
  6. Don’t compare the price lists of different photographers without going to see them
  7. Buy a package that includes the things you would like
  8. Know prices up front, if your photographers are reluctant to be upfront with you then it's best to avoid them. A lot of photographers provide no information on prices and you have to enquire or make an appointment, but there's little or no point in making an appointment if you don't have any idea of prices. What if you get to an appointment and the prices start at way beyond your budget? It's always best if you can find photographers that display their prices on their website. Here's one that is worth looking at http//
  9. Ask your photographer to show you real weddings, not staged shoots with models or friends
  10. Ask your photograher to provide you with 5 names of couples whose weddings they have shot in the last 3 months so that you can get feedback from them