In 2015 I sat with a friend of many years who ran a video company specialising mainly in wedding filming and he was convinced that wedding video was a dying market. Little did he know that wedding video was about to boom.

I believe two main things changed the wedding video industry and if it wasn't for these reasons wedding video would continued to to decline at an alarming rate.


The first reason for the boom in wedding videography is camera manufacturers and I would say mainly Canon. Canon bought the world of cinematic filming to the masses when they introduced high quality video with their DSLR cameras.

The second reason why I think wedding video has boomed has been the rise in Media courses and the number of students wanting to go in to the media and film industry.

Suddenly with these new DSLR video shooting cameras the game changed and wedding videos suddenly began to look like Hollywood budget films with beautiful tone and depth of field, those beautiful shots where the background is out of focus.

Wedding video has now become a creative art rather than the 2 hour cringe worthy videos of years gone by.

This creativity was taken further by the introduction of affordable gimbals, a handheld piece of equipment allowing film makers to walk and run whilst filming and achieving perfectly smooth footage. Wow!

So we have DSLR Cameras, Media Students, Gimbals and the next thing being introduced is drones. Couples no longer need to hire a helicopter to get overhead footage...not that I've met anyone who hired a helicopter to specifically use it to film during a wedding. Drones have given wedding videos that extra wow factor.

As professional wedding photographer for over 30 years I noticed in recent years that a younger generation were now starting to use the newer DSLR cameras to film weddings and realised that I needed to start learning a whole new industry for fear of being left behind.

I spent considerable time with my team learning what we could, we were familiar with the format of weddings so that wasn't going to be an issue but we needed to learn how to actually film properly. However it wasn't as difficult as I thought and that's in now way meant to be insulting to established film makers. What I found was that being familiar with DSLR cameras and their workings the best approach to filming was like taking a single image. In other words set the camera up for a creative composition, hit record and let the subjects move around. It may sound obvious to some.

Everything was the same such as ISO and general camera controls, a lot was obviously new like frame rates but I figured those out by attending a couple of courses and watching tutorials online.

I learned everything on a Nikon D750 and but felt that I need to be more professional so after a lot of research and essentially copying what a friend of mine used I invested £5000.00 in the Canon C100 Mark 2 camera and wow, what a camera it actually is.

Tripods and monopods were bought, Senheiser and Rode microphones and a I used the Nikon D750 as a back up camera.



A year later I invested in the new Canon XC10, a smaller camera than the C100 to use as a back up and invested in the Ronin M which would allow me to walk, run and film to end up with perfectly smooth video.

The Ronin M is definelty not easy to set up and use properly though, it's a lot of money to spend and it's something you have to learn and adapt to.

So eventually I decided to introduce a Drone and have  learnt a lot from a a great guy who taught me the essentials.

Who knows what the next step will be, but as a working professional photographer for many years there is a need for me at my age to keep on moving forward simply to keep inspired.

My advice for anyone looking to get in to filming wedding videos is to learn the cameras and equipment first, know it inside out. This takes time, may be a year of continuous learning and patience.

I've discussed very briefly the process of how I got in to wedding videos, what I haven't mentioned is the editing process. It's something that I will discuss in the blog.

In the meantime if you're looking to have your wedding day filmed my team and I would love to hear from you.









If you ask most couples who got married if they had any regrets about their wedding planning I would say not having a wedding video would top the list.